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Thursday, May 11, 2006

well this is my new blog - almost five years to the day that I started my last one. I've decided to ditch that one for various reasons. The main one is that someone known to me in the real world (whom I prefer to avoid completely) was taking an unhealthy interest in my blog which was causing all kinds of rumours and speculation and general annoyance for me - which is no fun. Plus I was getting uncomfortable with the thought that five years of my life was preserved on the net for all to read, and the more people you tell about your blog the less you feel able to say, and for me the whole point of a blog is being able to say anything - because it's anonymous, or can be as anonymous as you like. So, wahey I'm freeeeee!!! I can say anything! There are several things I might have blogged about recently but didn't because I hadn't decided when or where to start the new one. I can't remember what all those things are so I'll just carry on and post things as they occur to me.... I must remember to go take down the old site at some point, which will undoubtedly result in more gossip but for the last time hopefully. Or maybe I'll just leave it up, frozen in time, and people can speculate about what became of me

gosh have you seen what time it is? I already went to bed once but the cat woke me up just as I was dropping off and I couldn't sleep after. I then let her out so will have to wait up another hour or so to let her in again, ho hum. I'm so good to her, I indulge her every whim...

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