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Monday, August 25, 2008

I wrote a review for Logitech Z4 2.1 speakers which should be posted on Amazon in a day or two. You lucky people can read it right here right now!

    I was looking for some speakers for my desk which could provide a richer sound and also fill the room when I'm not sat at the desk. I'd been recommended the Logitech x-230 speakers and heard them for myself. I'd also seen the scores of rave reviews for them here on Amazon but I wondered if there might be a later model which improves on that design. A review I found on the net said that the Z4 speakers were slightly better and more detailed than the x-230 so decided to check them out. I've always been prejudiced against 2.1 systems with little satellite speakers expecting them to always sound harsh but having read all the rave reviews on here I decided it was worth the gamble especially when I found them at a bargain price. But, my prejudices were proved valid. You can get a nice rich and deep bass, far deeper and thumpier than is reasonable but at least with the Z4 you can set the bass to zero if you so desire. However the upper middle frequencies are very strident and the lower middle frequences somewhat lacking, resulting in a very unbalanced sound. You get deep bass, harsh upper middle and not much inbetween. Fortunately I had a graphic equaliser which I was able to put between the audio source and the speakers, allowing me to tame the worst of the harshness and create a smoother richer sound, however you can never fully compensate for the limitations of the speakers. As you move around the room the upper middle frequencies are always slightly too strident even if you get it sounding just right sitting in one spot. I can't help but wonder why Logitech didn't include a bit of circuitry to compensate for the harshness of the frequency output but maybe that would have made them too expensive for the target market of the Z4. The controls and extra line in are very handy and they have a very nice build quality. So yes, they are loud with no distortion and will fill the room with sound but if you're expecting a genuine hi-fi sound or even a vague approximation of one then I don't recommend these speakers. I know they don't claim to be audiophile speakers but reading some of the reviews on here you might be fooled into thinking they are.

Incidentally if you want some, get them here - only £38 delivered - bargain!

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