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Saturday, January 31, 2009

here's a new fishy movie for you showing off my new community members, five little endler's livebearers. I was planning to breed some but it seems most people aren't interested in the plain females, only the pretty males so I was only able to buy males. They are very funny though, constantly racing around like naughty children. The minnows found them a bit annoying at first but everyone is getting on fine now. They have a habit of chasing eachother, then chasing eachother away, then changing their minds straight away and chasing after the one they just chased away. They do that all day. It sounds like quite a nightmarish existence but they seem to enjoy it. Here you can see them trying to pinch the sinking pellets which are meant for the bottom feeders (the catfish which you can see hoovering the gravel):

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