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Thursday, July 20, 2006

more big brother ranting, sorry! Michael must be hoping that it's Richard gets booted out tomorrow, and I would too. Richard is so in love with his gayness in a way that's quite pompous and naff. He talks about himself as "a gay man" in the same way someone would say "I have an MBE" or "I'm the Queen of Sheba", and just because Michael doesn't make a big song and dance about it, or dress like something out of an old Frankie goes to Hollywood video, Richard mistakenly interprets this as being in denial or insecure. He's always saying "he's a young gay man (that pompous expression again) and has clearly not been out long". Richard is from a different era in which you had to stand up and say "we're here we're queer - get used to it" and act like it's something special, whereas nowadays a lot of people don't care, just as it should be, and find all that a bit naff and anachronistic. I would find Richard's self-indulgence and misguided patronising very irritating too.

I can't help but be reminded of Gimme Gimme (again) when pompous actor Tom says in a very snooty way "I'm a gay man" and Lynda sneers and mocks him, saying "I'm a gaaaay man! - there's no such thing as gay, it's just laziness"

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