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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Looking for somewhere to live is so depressing. I found this ad for a large room for rent in Cambridge - imagine living with this uppity little madam. It makes me want to take the room just for the fun of slowly driving her crazy.
    The House: Has 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a very large lounge and dining room, the biggest kitchen ever and a shed to put bikes in. This is the cleanest house you'll find in Cambridge - so if you're even slightly messy please stop reading now! ... The house is equipped with high speed wireless broadband to be used but not abused (no slowing the net down for everyone else) The house is centrally heated and is nice and cosy (I like to keep it at 21 degrees - I mention this because it did disturb me when I had a tennant who liked to keep the lounge at 30!)... Me: I'm 25 and I am studying to be a vet (I did a first degree and briefly was an investment banker but didn't enjoy the quality of life) I am very house-proud, so I keep the house very clean. I am very sociable, I do a lot of sport (triathlon and modern pentathlon). I like to live with people that I get on with who would occasionally like to have meals together or get a video, but I also like my own space so I don't want to live with anyone who just sit in the house all day! (rules me out then). Essentially, the person who moves in will be quiet.. I had a tennant who woke me up at night just because they couldn't shut a door quietly. Basically, I would like to live with someone like myself who is clean and considerate. I also respect the environment and recycle what I can, I'm careful with energy etc. This is also appreciated. The other tennant is moving in on the 1st October and is also like myself clean and considerate, a young professional.

She sounds like a complete nightmare, and worst the kind of self-centred "high-achiever". I think you get quite a lot of those in Cambridge... (he said bitterly)

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