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Thursday, November 23, 2006

despite being laid-up for the last few weeks I have been enjoying the wealth of reality TV on at the moment. First there was "make me a supermodel" which was great, though I think Luke woz robbed. Then there was the start of "unanimous" in which a varied group of people are locked up together and have to decide who gets a million pounds. Some of them are quite vile - the work-shy leech who doesn't believe in giving to charity is aptly named Lusipher (sic). As long as he doesn't win the money I don't mind (he reckons he could get away without working for ten years or more if he got £100,000). Somehow I don't think he's going to convince anyone he's a worthy cause. If it was up to me I'd give the money to the handsome man in the black shirt who appears on screen to give the contestants their orders.

Currently I'm enjoying every minute of I'm a celebrity. I'm glad the eating of animal parts was a damp squib so far this year. They were asked to eat Kangaroo testicles, penis and anus this time. It makes you wonder where it would end if the trend for disgusting exploitation in the name of charity was taken to it's ultimate conclusion - being forced to fight to the death and eat eachother's brains maybe - anything is justifiable if it's for charity isn't it? Who knew that Jan Leeming is such a neurotic mess. Her incredible talent for pedantic pessimism knows no bounds. I'm not sure if it's funny or tragic when she's convinced that everyone is against her, when in fact they're just incredibly frustrated that she's convinced that everyone is against her. She really is a stark demonstration of how you can be your own self-fulfilling prophecy (of doom, if you so wish).. Apparently she's been married 5 times if I heard correctly. David Gest is surprisingly normal though his surgery scars and asymmetric cheekbone implants are rather alarming. And I was surprised when Toby Anstis said he missed his girlfriend. I always just assumed he played for the opposite team - I guess I was wrong, but there's no harm in fancying him I suppose...

I've not watched "Asbo teen to beauty Queen" - the whole concept is far too depressing

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