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Thursday, February 19, 2009

are you tired of seeing Myleene Klass's grinning face everywhere? I certainly am. I don't even find here a particularly credible presenter. Instead of getting on with the job she's always grinning from ear to ear as if to say "oh my god, look it's me on my telly! It's only the 5th time today. Can you believe it? isn't it fantastic?!" - what she actually did say for real is "it's my job to be everywhere", oh dear. And can you believe she's replaced the legendary Nicky Hambleton-Jones? Grrr! I even loaded up Photoshop in order to alter the above ad for M&S - that's how much it annoys me! Hopefully she's soon go the same way as retired media-whores Claire Sweeney, Carol Vorderman and Linda Barker...

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