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Monday, May 29, 2006

Have you seen how many programmes there have been on telly recently about Da Vinci and the holy grail and all the accompanying bollocks? There was one on ITV last night, about three hours of it on Channel 5 this afternoon and then even the BBC finally lowered itself to cashing in on the craze in an hour long programme tonight. I had channel 5 on this afternoon, scoffing at the ramblings of a madman who somehow looked at a painting by Poussin, and convinced himself it was full of hidden meanings and pentagrams (though I don't think he actually decided what any of it is supposed to be telling us). Here's a page explaining the whole convoluted preposterous theory, all extrapolated from the lines of the two staffs in the picture. See if it makes any sense to you. When I did A level geography we studied the work of a guy called Christaller who suggested that settlements naturally arrange themselves in geometric patterns and hexagons etc, just because of the hierarchy of villages, towns and cities with increasing size and influence. I don't recall any conspiracy theories about Holy relics or Leonardo... Thankfully all of these TV programmes have all pretty much come to the conclusion that it's all a daft fantasy, though I'm sure there are plenty of people that are convinced it's all true.....

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