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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

well it's 3:30am and I can't sleep, possibly because I didn't get up till 3pm yesterday - though it's an improvement on 5pm the day before. I'm still at the parents' place and kind of stranded. I was all geared up to go home yesterday but my dad's hurt his leg and is unable to do the 90 minute drive to Cambridge and back. I was pretty annoyed which is wrong of me because it's not his fault - but I hid it well (I think). The plan is to try again tomorrow but I heard my dad get up in the night to put ice on his leg which doesn't bode well. I'm not sure how or when I'm going to get back home, and I really want to. I may just have to phone a friend to come pick me up, or failing that risk taking a taxi and train (which would be problematic with my annoying condition). On top of that is the worry of how my mum and dad are going to manage to do their shopping if my dad still can't drive for a while. They only moved into their house a few months ago, and I told them they should buy somewhere with shops within walking distance for just such an eventuality, especially considering they're getting on in years (aren't we all). Anyway they decided to buy a house that's 5 miles from the shops and quoted saint Sarah Beeny saying "well you can never have everything you want, you always have to compromise on something".... ho hum. One thing I'm conscious of now my parents are getting older is to prevent them from making silly mistakes and decisions. They do seem far less sensible as time goes on. It's a shame my brother lives so far away and can't help his family of invalids. He's in California right now training for a pilot's license so that's even less help! Gosh, what a cheerful post this is. I just couldn't sleep so needed something to do until I feel sleepy again, so feel free to ignore this post....

at least I managed to have a short bike ride today in the sunshine, and finish another french story - oh and bought some more stuff on ebay (I really should stop!)

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