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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

well it's my last night here at the parents' place. It's been a nice little holiday but I haven't done nearly as much as I intended, mostly because I haven't felt that good. I didn't even wake up till 5pm today, despite my parents having visitors and them inadvertantly walking into the room while I was sleeping (though I did have my earplugs in). Fortunately I had the quilt covering me too... So, what have I achieved? Well, I installed a TV card on my mum's computer as there's no portable TV in the office - it's mostly for my benefit when I'm here - got to have the TV on in the background at all times, it's a bad habit of mine. What else? I laid in the sun on two days thus going from my normal lilywhite colour to lilywhite with a hint of rose. (Isn't it annoying that when the nice weather comes, you're usually far too pale to be seen in public enjoying the warm sun on your skin, so you have to develop a bit of colour in private before you can be seen in full view - plus, being a bit ginger I'm a posterboy for skin cancer but I'm pretty careful and cautious.) Hopefully there'll be more nice weather before I return to my usual etiolated shade (word of the day). I didn't study any french which was pretty much a daily habit for the last few months, didn't write any music, and only went for one short walk and a bike ride, ho hum. Also I didn't meet up with my new MSN buddy though hopefully we can do that soon. I'm quite looking forward to getting back to my place and the normal humdrum routine, I tend to feel at my best under those conditions and able to get more done. Plus there are several ebay items waiting for me there ;)

One chore I'm not looking forward to when I get home is having my teeth filled and generally tinkered about with, plus I've got to pester the landlord once again to get the TV reception fixed. It better be back to normal for the launch of Big Brother on Thursday or I will not be pleased!

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