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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

well Shahbaz is gawn - which is a shame. He was infuriating and fascinating to watch - so completely dysfunctional yet also amusing. Having a reasoned linear conversation with him must be like trying to eat jelly with a fork, or herd cats. (I've known a few people like that - I have one friend that will often ask a question and then when you answer it, he not only interrupts you but also changes the subject - which is exasperating as you can imagine). I'll miss the late night live streams when he was all alone and talking to himself and the camera, it was like some odd/genius Samuel Beckett play. If I'd known he was going to leave today I would have taped it last night for posterity. It seems I was wrong about Pete - he does have Tourette's - I guess the zany act was an attempt to mask the nervous tics when he was at his most agitated, and who can blame him. He's probably done a great thing for fellow sufferers everywhere by increasing awareness and understanding, despite the papers trying to suggest he should never have been put in the house. Having said that, Shahbaz probably should never have been put in there having other, more serious issues. It was fun to see people trying to deal with him and reason with him, but also depressing and scary to see how someone's thought processes can be so deranged, that getting through to him must be so completely futile and circuitous. It must be like wrestling with a huge slimy eel.... amongst another umpteen similes I could list. It's going to be like a completely different show now, as if it's started all over again.

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