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Thursday, June 01, 2006

this is kind of geeky, but I'll try to keep it simple. There's a piece of music software called Babya Logic which is made by some (presumably) kid who's knocked it together with some open soure code, which is fine - for a school project or whatever. But...... it's absolutely useless and yet the guy spams the music forums telling everyone about his amazing professional product. Here's a quote from wikipedia which outlines some of the outrageous claims:

    "Babya Logic is allegedly a freeware music production suite created by a person called A.A. Fussy. The purported developer is an amusing entity on the internet, having a history of making frequent and outrageous claims for what are essentially rebadged source-code examples, and spamming forums with product releases and announcements. In addition, the use of the name 'Logic' for a sequencer may be a breach of a trademark for the sequencer package now distributed by Apple, and formerly developed by Emagic. [[1]]

    Despite the claims made in their press releases, Babya Logic is only compatible with Apple's professional sequencer of the same name at the level of import and export for MIDI files, and its features and capabilities are woefully short of any realistic expectation of 'professional'.

    Most recently Babya Software have made the extraordinary claim that they had actually acquired Emagic, the original developers of Logic. In fact, Emagic is now a division of Apple, and this is yet another bogus claim on the part of Babya Software. It has been rumoured that an Apple software engineer commented that Apple would sue 'when they had stopped laughing', so it would appear that they do not consider the product a viable alternative to their own."
People have tried to reason with the guy to find out if he is serious or if he's just having a laugh but he gives nothing away, maintaining the pretense to the absolute letter. Either he is having a laugh or he has some serious personality problems. Anyway, people have joked about the product for a long time despite his grandiose announcements, but now there is an instructional podcast telling people how to use the program. You have a listen to it and tell me if the guy is serious/joking/insane....... (God, there's some weird shit on the net)

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