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Monday, August 28, 2006

have you seen all those adverts for Weetabix, desperately trying to make them look sexy and interesting. Apparently you can put fruit on them, and it helps achieve your optimum five portions a day - which is great. The whole idea is laughable though; as if you have to buy weetabix in order to eat fruit. Heaven forbid you eat some fruit without first balancing it on a dry biscuit of wheatflakes. In one ad which features students, there's a girl pouring what she describes as chocolate milk over her weetabix. First of all the idea is disgusting, especially when you notice that said milk is coming out in lumps - ugh! Let's face it weetabix are never going to be interesting, they could make a far funnier ad out of that.

This lot seem to agree

Maybe one day I'll try weetabix cake

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