jetpack technology

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Oops I did it again. In my compulsive search for the perfect MP3 player I bought another one on ebay from a guy in the US. The price was good even after the extra high postage cost. Today I had to cycle to the sorting office to get the package and pay an extra £8 in import tax - it's not far but I knackered myself out and will probably take a few days to recover. I wouldn't mind about that if the player wasn't faulty. Just like the last one I bought, it couldn't play most of the files I put on it and when I reconnected it to the computer most of the data was corrupt and couldn't be deleted or formatted. What a bugger. I have one which is almost identical but smaller capacity and works just great, if only I had one with more capacity. This is the third one I've bought that's gone wrong within days - to be honest I half expected. Perhaps I should give it up. It might save me some money...

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