jetpack technology

Monday, August 14, 2006

it's civilisation meltdown here at jetpack towers. Not only has my VCR packed up but now I have no TV reception either. I think the signal booster in the roof must have packed up or gone off which does happen occasionally and which is something I dread. It's very difficult to get the landlord to deal with such things and being stuck at home every day I neeeeed the TV to keep me company. I don't mind what's on as long as there are some talking heads to chat to me and not something I recorded earlier. It's silly really, but without TV it's absolutely horrible at home all the time. Plus of course I don't want to miss what happens on that reality show with all those housemates in that house - not that it's especially exciting at the moment. I just hopehopehope that I can get the lazy folks that maintain this dump to get the reception working again tomorrow. In the meantime I'm watching ITVplay streaming on the net. It's live from "Love Island" which is good actually - in a totally trashy way of course. I was disappointed they didn't have the live streaming on ITV this year. If I knew it was on the net I would have tuned in sooner. Ho hum, keeps me company in the wee small hours anyway even if it is that Sophie woman talking about herself all the time. I don't mind as long as Calum Best puts in an appearance from time to time.... Oh dear I sound so sad.

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