jetpack technology

Monday, August 28, 2006

who remembers the "cold fusion" excitement that happened a few years ago and never came to anything? Well now there's a new hyped form of limitless energy which has yet to be debunked. I wonder what will happen.... Some are saying it's all a publicity stunt for Xbox or Lost (oh dear).

here's the official site of the company making the claims - and another which watches the latest developments with a critical eye

I remember when I was doing biology at school and we were doing experiments to demonstrate photosynthesis. We had a small piece of pondweed in a beaker of water and a lamp shining on it and we were counting the tiny bubbles of oxygen produced. It was slow, only about 4 or 5 per minute from what I remember. But... I remember some people in the same class had their tiny bit of weed producing a bubble almost every second. Even the teacher said it was impossible and disregarded their results but I saw it with my own eyes! I'm not sure what that proves, but it makes me slightly gullible less cynical about these things...

Unrelated, but everything seems to be going wrong these days at jetpack towers. Today my monitor started flashing a very blurred image and making horrible cracking noises, so I had to quickly turn it off before it burst into flames (or so I imagined). Thankfully I have a spare monitor. It's very old, dim and has an amazing resolution of 800x600 pixels - which is very odd to use, it being 2006 and used to something with a higher resolution. Saves space on the desk though and the place feels much less cluttered. I'll go to the repair shop across the road tomorrow and see if they have any reconditioned CRT monitors. If not I'm temped to get a new TFT and put it on the credit card (eek!)

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