jetpack technology

Monday, September 04, 2006

I'm at the parents' place at the moment and using my mum's computer every waking hour most of the time. My parents have SKY TV and told me you could now download movies and watch them on the computer so I installed the "SKY by Broadband" prog from their website. I tried it out but the download speed didn't seem that fast so never used it after that and I don't think my parents will either. Anyway, tonight I got a mystery error on startup caused by Kservice.exe which made me curious to find out what the file was. Very quickly I learnt that it's part of a P2P program called Kontiki which is installed as part of SKY broadband, enabling them to spread their downloads around the net without having to provide all the bandwidth - which is very sneaky! It even uses your bandwidth when you're not using the SKY software, and the P2P components are not removed when you uninstall the SKY prog (despite what they tell you). Thankfully I found a tool which does this, but just thought I'd mention this on my blog so everyone knows what SKY are up to!

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