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Saturday, October 21, 2006

Jon Ronson writes books and makes TV documentaries in a sort of Louis Theroux style about people that are slightly nutty. They're partly incredibly amusing, documenting the incredible daftness of some peoples' beliefs, but also quite disturbing in the fact that people actually take those beliefs so seriously and form cults etc. Earlier this year I read "the men who stare at goats" which is all about how the CIA had a secret battalion who believed they could become invisible and kill animals with their psychic energy, just by staring at them, and how those same crazy ideas have filtered down and still exist to some degree in the military policies in Iraq and Guantanamo. It did go from incredibly daft to quite disturbing.

Anyway, he's written a fantastic behind-the-scenes article about "Deal or no deal" in the Guardian which is pretty much the same. I always thought Noel was quite odd and the contestants slightly mad but now I think they're all just plain sinister!

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