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Saturday, June 02, 2007

well big bro 8 is on again as you may have noticed. I can actually get a pretty good reception on my TV card, while I hide away in my room and Judge Judy watches DVDs on my telly with her boyfriend... I lovelovelove the house, and the titles - very me. It must be like living in a painting, maybe something very bright by David Hockney. My heart sank when I found it was all girls but decided it wasn't so bad when I actually saw some of the characters. I really like the big welsh girl who is the spitting image of Matt Lucas. All the other young bimbos exemplify perfectly just how girls these days are obsessed with celebrity and/or status. They don't want a career or be taken as seriously as men, they just want to marry a footballer and be photographed half-naked as a short cut to a fancy lifestyle which they presume will make all the other wannabes green with envy - and so the cycle perpetuates itself. It's all very sad... Is that progress? will there ever be a backlash? let's hope so...

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