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Monday, October 01, 2007

once again I'm housesitting for the parents, only now it's not nearly as much fun as it used to be, mostly because my favourite pussycat is no longer with us due to an unfortunate encounter with a truck on the road outside a few months ago. You know how some people are crazy about their dogs and miss them really badly if they go away on holiday for a few days, well I was the same with our cat, silly I know but I was always her favourite person and we had a special bond (though maybe she just liked that there was someone who spent half the day in bed and could keep her company). Anyway being here without her is really odd, like we're missing a family member and you keep expecting her to walk in the room or jump on the bed (not that my other family members used to jump on my bed). I keep forgetting she's not here and getting used to the idea is really hard when you have to do it several times an hour. Anyway that probably all sounds very silly and soppy....! We'd get another cat but the road outside is so busy and dangerous it wouldn't be responsible, ho hum.

My folks go away tomorrow and I'll be all alone in the house for 3 days. I used to enjoy it, just being me and the cat but now it's just me and the ghost. I've blogged in the past about the mysterious invisible person that walks up and down the stairs in the night, and my parents have heard it too so I'm sure I didn't imagine it. There have been other things too, objects moved into strange positions. My mum put her slippers under the chair in the bedroom but when she went back to get them, they were balancing with the soles upward - very odd. We also had someone come to the house to collect some furniture once and the lady said "this is a lovely house......oh, have you got a ghost?" She's one of those people who claims to be very sensitive about these things - maybe she says it to every homeowner she meets, who knows. Anyway, I have a pretty vivid imagination and have always been fascinated and scared by paranormal things so the next three nights are going to be like most haunted - but all on my own! Part of me hopes something strange will happen and another part is praying that is doesn't! I'll keep you posted anyway...

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