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Saturday, August 04, 2007

a couple of months ago I went crazy with the peroxide and bleached my hair (and scalp) nearly into oblivion. I kept it under a hat for the first ten days (that's not a metaphor) because until it's grown out, it looks a lot like this. For a while it looked great, and I let it grow much longer then usual because very short, very bleached hair looks a bit too gay for my liking, so eventually I started to look like this. Today I decided it was time to cut it and so all the bleached bits are now gone from the back and sides, but on the top where I like to keep it longer, the tips are still very pale blond. The overall effect is something like this - slightly silly in 2007 I think you'll agree; I could pretend it's ironic I suppose. I have a Nik Kershaw scarf somewhere I could wear.... You can't really win. It only looks right during a window when it's sufficiently grown out but not too overgrown. I'm wondering if I should shave it all off, bleach it all again, or just put up with it. I suspect it'll be the latter. Wot a palaver eh....

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