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Saturday, June 30, 2007

all the big names seem to be making lots of great art right now (ie. art that I like). First there was Damien Hirst's incredibly expensive skull, then the Chapman brothers (phwoar) made some fantastic naive dinosaur sculptures for outside the Royal Academy Summer exhibition (which I know they despise and think is the height of naffness; understandable if you only like serious Art with a capital A). If it was up to me, that disturbing ugly eyesore by Anthony Gormless Gormley that looks like some kind of 1984-style torture device, ie. the "angel" of the north*, would be torn down and would be replaced with a giant grinning wonky dinosaur. I'm sure everyone would prefer it in time...

(*I don't think there's anything angelic or uplifting about it whatsoever. It just makes me think of endless oppression and suffering. It's like something from Nazi Germany... rantrantrant...)

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