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Monday, June 25, 2007

it's 2:30 and I can't sleep so I'm watching big bro live on my computer and eating Mr Kipling apple pies. And writing this.

I laughed my head off watching big brother earlier. Brian (did I get his name right) really didn't know who Romeo and Juliet are, and asked in a voice reminiscent of Rodney Trotter "wasn't Romeo in So Solid Crew?" and asked "who's that Shakespeare geezer? did he direct the film?" Doh! You couldn't make it up. Then later on he's talking dirty to Charley (on her request) and he says "I'll put my hand up your top and caress your tits" and she says "what does that mean?" Unbelievable innit.

I went mad with the peroxide this weekend. I bought two kits from superdrug because one is rarely strong enough to have the desired effect. It usually results in a canary yellow colour. I left the first lot on for 55 minutes which stung like hell and made me feel (more) peculiar. It was still slightly yellow on the tips (but very pale next to my scalp where the warmth makes it more effective) so the next day I applied the second lot. Thankfully I didn't have to wait so long, but now it's really pale, almost white. It looks kind of shocking. I have to check it in every available reflective surface but still I tend to forget I've done it then surprise myself when I pass the mirror. It's also a bit long and has a very dry fluffy texture so I look a bit like a troll (must use more conditioner). The trouble with having housemates is that you have to endure the comments when they first see the change which is a bit tiresome. Then there are their boyfriends and girlfriends too. I think I've got most of it out of the way now, but I'm still keeping it under a hat for now. I don't really like it till it's grown out a bit. My mate said I looked like an old man which was nice. Roll on three weeks time when it's a more two-tone look...

Who would have guessed that Chanelle has a grade 8 in violin.... unless she's winding everyone up. I used to play the violin but gave it up eventually because I just could get the hang of it. Oh well, I'll stick to the computer.

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