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Saturday, June 02, 2007

today I had a mooch about at Strawberry Fair which is a one day outdoor festival in Cambridge. Where I lived before it was almost literally on my doorstep but never actually bothered to go (you never appreciate the attractions on your doorstep do you, probably because you take them for granted). I didn't stay long, having just spent two days in bed feeling like I had concussion, I was still feeling a bit wobbly, but I enjoyed the time I was there. I would have loved to have stayed longer. The sun was hothotHOT and there were a million fit things on full display to ogle - must wear my darker glasses next time, it's more discreet. There's a picture here which pretty much sums up what strawberry fair looks like. Judge Judy's boyfriend said "I don't like all those dirty smelly hippies" in his south african accent which made me chuckle (I didn't go with them by the way). Anyway when I got back home I needed another nap and I could still hear the music drifting in the window. As I nodded off I recognised a song by back to the planet called Daydream - I only know it because Orbital did a fantastic remix of it. Anyway, a quick google informs me that it was them I heard playing on the stage at the fair. I had a walk through the site this evening while the sun was going down and everything was far more chaotic and everyone that more drunk or stoned, and I didn't really want to hang about to be honest. Besides I got the new album by Paul Hartnoll to listen to this evening, yay!

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