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Thursday, June 14, 2007

on a certain gay networking site, a local guy has been contacting me, whom I've been ignoring (it's generally more polite than saying sorry I'm not interested imho). His command of english is pretty poor and he's 48 years old. His photo seems to date from about 1980. Here is his latest message to me, trying to lure me into his web of sex:

OK I sarted with wellies I was about 8yaer old and it got so wet and muddy that my got me a of black rubber welies. I sart with my older borther's reel big small ones I use to put hand in side them rub then on my not so big cook but I did not why it would bigger?/So as I got old with own boots I did more.I would have big black cook some mudd too.when I start come that was fun and misy too but fuckin GOOD I had a old wellie hide up in my bedroom what is boy to with salf ok. Is the frist time I have any one. As siad in my profil I feet that i was only one. I went with lots of gay guy's I could never tell them WHEN what are into BOOT'S LAETHER and RUBBER TOO YES I'M INTO GLADE TO BE OK.

maybe I'm missing out

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