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Tuesday, January 08, 2008

oh look, Jason Statham has got a new film out, called In the name of the king and very attractive he looks in it too (as always). You only have to take one look at the trailer though to see it's more or less an imitation of Lord of the Rings and looks as if it was made by the exact same people (who I read a while back, strangely didn't get the job of making the movie of the Hobbit). Most of the shots look like they were lifted straight from those films. I did really enjoy Lord of the Rings at first but by the end of the third movie I was completely weary of it, and never wanted to hear that theme tune ever again (there are only so many times you can find it "stirring" or feel empathy for scared blubbing hobbits). Still I guess there are fans out there desperate for a fix of something similar...

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