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Friday, October 26, 2007

    "Before listening the album, I expected it would be a good album, but honestly, after listening several times i realized it wasn't a good album but a MASTERPIECE. "

    "To sum up what I really think of the album: I only paid £5 for the download and now I wish I paid much much more. "

    "probably one of the most elegaic, heartachingly pieces of music put out there for the listening public in eons"

    "WOW .. this album is getting ever more beautiful with every listen . I'm mesmerized. "

    "Concise, pure, beautiful, minimalist, perfect, genius. "

after reading quite a lot of negative or indifferent views of the new Radiohead album, it seems all the best comments were saved for this page. Incidentally the jetpack verdict is "pretty good". Even if I didn't like it, I think it's great that nowadays when music is so ubiquitous and slick and undervalued, there are still serious artists that can really create a sensation (and I don't mean coke-snorting dollybirds in the tabloids).

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