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Saturday, February 02, 2008

well I've seen some nice places, and another one tomorrow hopefully, so I'm hoping that I'll actually be offered one of them above all the inevitable dozens of other applicants for each room. One place I went to had about 5 people show up to the view the place at the same time and I met another one on the way out. I told him it was like Picaddily circus in there and he said he'd come back later. Also it's kind of awkward when you're having a conversation about the suitability/affordability of the room when there are several "competitors" standing right there listening to your every word. I felt sorry for the current tenants whose landlady was sending all these people round at the same time... is a great place to find rooms for rent though there's a paysite called who are spamming the boards and placing bogus ads which simply redirect you to their site when you make an enquiry about the place - cheeky eh. I might send them some rude emails. I wish there was a forum where I could expose them for their terrible netiquette. At least I can moan about it on here.

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