jetpack technology

Sunday, June 01, 2008

did you know that if you do a fresh install of XP on a hard disk and then connect your old hard disk as a slave, there's quite a good probability that the slave disk will suddenly become unreadable. It sounds unlikely I know but yesterday it happened to me and judging by Google it happens to a lot of people. I backed up a lot of things because I needed the space but the most critical things (ie. all the music I've been working on this year and a lot of the sounds) are lost. It's my fault for not backing up the valuable stuff but I never imagined that 80gb of data can just vanish in a second, or if it did you were extremely unlucky. I've tried about three data recovery programs which a lot of people seem to find helpful with absolutely no results. I do have another one which seems to be very sensitive but it so slow that after 6 hours it's still only scanned about 1% of the disk and seems to get slower and slower. I may just have to accept that all that stuff is gone and start anew....

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