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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

I've just been reading a blog called londonpreppy and I can hardly believe it's not a creative writing project. It even says at the top "Is it all fact, is it fiction, who the fuck knows". It reads so much like a book by Bret Easton Ellis* (from what I remember) e.g. American Psycho etc (though that's not one I ever read or ever plan to). Here's an example of the kind of cynical and detailed observation about people, taken from the blog:
    "This is a song from the Muppet Show, as performed by a little frog called Robin, who (wikipedia tells me) posed as Kermit’s nephew in later episodes. I don’t really care for children’s shows and neither do I have an interest in talking about what I used to watch when I was six like many English boys in their late 20s like to do in a faux-ironic way trying to find things in common with new acquaintances. In fact it really irritates me.... I like this song so much that I’m willing to claim that it’s the best song ever performed by a lifeless puppet – even though I do have a soft spot for Love At First Sight by Kylie Minogue as well. Robin tells us that “all sorts of funny thoughts run round my head”, his step “isn’t really anywhere, it’s somewhere else instead” and “I’m not at the bottom, I’m not at the top, so this is the step where I always stop”. I don’t know what existential angst is because I’m stupid, but if I were to make a video about it, I’d use this as the soundtrack.
Do you see what I mean? or maybe it's just that sort of cynical world-weary (and very gay) stream-of-consciousness blablabla thing that I used to be into when I was about 18...

*if you visit that blog you might notice that he has a Bret Easton Ellis tattoo and presumably has read and internalised a lot of those books. It seems he even has his own Wikipedia page. I guess I'm a bit late to the party, probably because I don't live in London and am not part of that whole metrosexual scene (thank goodness)

I haven't felt like blogging for a while as you may have noticed. In fact I'm surprised if anyone does actually notice, it's been that long. I've had a few weeks of feeling terrible and even though I'm not depressed about anything, in fact my outlook is characteristically upbeat, it has left me feeling very numb and introspective in the way that post-viral depression often does. If I didn't know myself better I'd be worried but seeing as even having a cold makes me feel blue for days afterwards I guess it's par for the course....

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