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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

so out of Grace and Nicky, which venomous, stroppy diva do you want to go? I'd like Nicky to say just because she's so preposterous that it's funny. Grace really is a scheming, foulmouthed superbitch and yet she wonders why the public were chanting "get grace out" the other night. It amazes me that her casual bedmate Mikey keeps reassuring her she's done nothing wrong, when just the other week he himself said to Grace and Imogen "what are you bitches bitching about now?" I'm really looking forward to hear Davina explain to Grace why everyone thinks she's so nasty. I expect it'll be another public lynching like it was with that crazy black girl from last year (whose name escapes me).

I'm quite looking forward to Lisa going too. Living with her must be like living with some kind of hysterical, feral cavewoman, completely uncivilised and oblivious to any kind of social decorum. Gosh I'm starting to sound like Brian Sewell....

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