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Friday, September 08, 2006

uh-oh spider season is starting and I've already seen a moderate size one. In fact I can still see it, here in my parents' study. I would catch it and put it out the window but it's in an awkward place (under the pedals of the electric organ - oh dear). My mum was trying to persuade me how timid and harmless the thing is but I'm still not sold on spiders - they get quite sentimental about them. If I sit calmly and look at it it's not so scary, but when you're surprised by a giant black thing on the wall by the head of your bed my first reaction is complete horror and panic. Silly really. I can't help wonder what it is about spiders that are so horrible. I hate all the long jointed legs and appendages on the head *shudder*. Why couldn't they look like little daisies with pretty colours etc? I'm going to be nervous about being surprised by a little monster for the next few months...

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