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Monday, March 30, 2009

here's a hypothetical conversation:
    him: do you want to come for a run with me?

    me: I would love to but I've actually got a broken leg

    him: come on, it'll be fun

    me: no really, I've got a broken leg

    him: oh please come running with me

    me: seriously, my leg is broken. I can't go for a run

    him: come on, what's the worst that can happen?

    me: I don't think you're listening to me. I'll be in agony for a start and probably won't do me any good in the long term either

    him: I think you're just afraid of letting go and relaxing, come on you'll be with friends

    me: no that's not it and please don't try to psycho-analyse me. Don't you understand english?

    him: okay you might be a bit sore tomorrow but it'll be worth it

    me: no I'll be in a lot of pain for a quite a long time. I really can't go running with you.

    him: oh come on, we'll jog slowly, you don't have to go fast

    me: I've got a broken leg, jogging slowly won't make any difference at all

    him: oh please please please! live a little!

    me: FFS, what part of "I've got a broken leg don't you understand?!"

okay I don't have a broken leg, but I had a (much longer) conversation just like that with a friend who was trying to persuade me to go clubbing, having already spent several hours drinking and bobbing about to the music in the pub which was quite a marathon in itself. Trying to explain to someone the reality of chronic fatigue syndrome is impossible sometimes. In my experience there are some people who understand, and you remain friends with them. The rest, you eventually lose touch with...

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