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Monday, June 19, 2006

have you seen that ad for O2 mobile phones, with the bubbles floating around and all the buildings mutating? When I first saw it I thought the music was excellent and wondered what it was. It reminded me a lot of Autechre but decided it wasn't and that was probably custom-made by a knobtweaker in an ad agency. Well my friend informs me that it's by "Jackson and his computer band" on Warp records (surprised that it really is on WARP having such an obvious WARP sound - I didn't think it really would be). Anyway, if you go to you can download the whole album for £6.99. I've never bought anything from that site before (I rarely buy new or full price music - ebay is my friend) but it's a great site. You can even pay by paypal and download the mp3s right away - no DRM nonsense or iTunes crap - yay!

I even get to insert this little player for you to use! You should recognise the first track, just click on the little triangle to play

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