jetpack technology

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

you know there's a million radio stations on the internet. It's one of the main reasons I wanted to get broadband. Well instead of trying to google for the stations' webpages you could get a player which has them all. I tried a few which weren't satisfactory but knew there must be a simple no-nonsense prog out there which was perfect - I mean how hard could it be to find a load of streaming radio links and put them all in an organised interface. I spent a whole afternoon on Google and found loads which sounded great from their description, but in fact either turned out to be either impossible to use, shareware, or infested with adware etc. But finally, I found what I was looking for and it is - screamer radio. It has more than a thousand stations organised by genre, network, region etc. Loads of channels I'd never listen to but it's fun just to see what they're like occasionally. My current fave channel is - which is all 80s nostalgia stuff. There are so many obscure hits which I'd forgotten and also as it's an american station, there are a few I've never heard but which have all the qualities I love. It's like going back in time and shopping for stuff you could never find nowadays. Who remembers "Oh Sheila" by Ready for the world or "when the heart rules the mind" by GTR? I would never have recognised the titles but knew the songs straight away. I always click the mute button though when Come on Eileen comes on - ugh. The good thing about the player is that you can also record each track (once you've selected a folder in the preferences) , and if you only start recording in the middle of the track it's remembered the first half in a buffer and saves the whole track for you - clever eh.

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