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Sunday, June 25, 2006

I think my stinky neighbour might be moving out. She's a large american lady like Roseanne Barr (but we call her Grotbags - not to her face obviously). I've never known her use the bathroom and she lives on takeaways. One time the electrician came round to look at something in her room but she wouldn't let him in and when he peered in the window he looked shocked and said "my God, I don't want to go in there". Everytime she came home late at night, it would take her ages to get in the door. There's a lot of rustling as she forces her way in and has to kick the litter back in that has spilled out. Anyway, a few weeks ago she started moving her stuff out. This began with two days of her carrying binbags out the back door until there were over 50 piled up high, more than I can actually visualise fitting inside her place so I can't imagine what it was like in there. She has a habit of leaving her window wide open at ground floor level, even when she's out and seeing as I've been burgled once already I'm not that pleased about it. A mate of mine went to shut it and got a look in and was horrified. When I looked, it was as if someone had transported the contents of a landfill site and stored them in the flat. By the window there was a pile of rubbish topped with a bare stained mattress, a rotting phone book and an old fan heater balancing on top - and this was after she'd removed fifty or so binbags of stuff. She's been in and out all day today moving stuff, and the smell is horrible. Like a million wet ashtrays and a dustbin lorry. I wonder when she'll be gone for good....

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