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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Just the other day I was watching T4 at the beach (well not so much watching, but it was on in the background), and those dodgy Pussycat Dolls were on - they're all very glam and they cavort about singing horrible lyrics like "don't you wish your girlfriend was a freak like me" and I thought to myself, blimey whatever happened to feminism. I remember reading an interview with Bjork about feminism and she said that if someone unlocks the prison door, you still have to walk out. There's no point staying put and complaining about the prison walls. Well it seems like these days a lot of women have decided they quite like it in there anyway and don't want to walk out, simply because it can get you all the things that people crave these days - lots of cash, notoriety, adoration, column inches, free entry to celebrity parties etc etc. and it seems like everyone is trying to achieve that these days. The number of fake tits in the big brother house is testament to this. Those who prefer to stay au naturel are starting to look like conservative old maids which is incredibly sad, that there's this formulaic ideal of overt sexiness which is mostly just a means of getting attention and money, and is not really that sexy at all, just crass and shallow. I can imagine all these women saying "yeah I tried feminism once, but it was boring and I don't mind colluding in my own exploitation if there's money and fame to be had". It reminds me of that joke "why do dogs lick their balls? answer: because they can" ie. we'd all do it if we could.

Well I notice in the guardian that someone has written a book about the very same thing - called Female Chauvinist Pigs - catchy title!

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