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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

I'm so disorganised that when it came to paying my phone bill this month, I paid the amount which was due in March, and not the amount on the latest bill (which was greater) - duh. This resulted in my phone being unable to make outgoing calls when I tried to use it yesterday, though for whatever reason my broadband connection still worked fine. I rarely use the landline for anything else so I don't know for how long I've been unable to make outgoing calls though I don't imagine it's that long. Anyway, this morning I had to call an 0800 number and have my knuckles rapped and pay an extra £11.75 for the privilege, to get the phone line back to normal. What I don't understand is why I still had to pay them the full amount stated on the bill over the phone when I'd already sent them an amount once already this month (albeit the wrong amount) - You'd think there'd be only the difference to pay.... I tried to sort it out with the stern man but I don't think very clearly at 8am, having just woken up. I've registered with in order to view my bills online and see what's happened but that will take 48 hours to work. Another weird thing is that there were no security questions required to sign up for billing information. Technically I could have viewed anyone's bill provided I knew their account number and phone number, or so it seems.... what a mess eh. At least now I'll get an email when a bill is due and it won't get left under a pile of junk mail

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