jetpack technology

Saturday, July 01, 2006

I was trying to encode some videoclips on my computer today (big bro of course) and it crashed due to overheating. It's not got the best cooling system but the intense radiation from the nearby star was the straw that broke the donkey's back. It'll have to wait till the heatwave has passed or I get some better fans/heatsinks put in (which will never happen). Oh well, nice to have sunny days anyway, especially now I'm well enough to go out and enjoy them for an hour or two at least. Amazingly hot though isn't it. Forecast looks like more of the same too....

so big bro has some new housemates. Spiral and Michael are both quite cute. I totally understand Michael's frustration with people and their impudent questions about sexuality. People think it's okay to ask what makes you horny before they know anything else about you (unless you're perceived to be obviously heterosexual which is seen as all the proof that's required on the matter - they don't ask if you prefer arses or tits), and then if you happen to prefer the same sex, it's seen as a green light to ask even more intensely personal questions. One day it won't be a novelty and people won't be especially interested in what your preferences are, but until then I guess we'll just have to be grateful that it's sometimes considered socially acceptable amongst the more civilised people... grumble grumble!

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