jetpack technology

Monday, December 22, 2008

I always wanted a lamp that could project the kind of light you get underwater or on the bottom of a swimming pool on a sunny day - and now you can buy one - only it doesn't look that impressive. I seem to remember seeing a much more effective one in a museum exhibit many years ago... (oh, it looks like there's a bunch of similar gadgets on this site)

maybe I'll have a sea angel instead

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Thursday, December 18, 2008

hello, yes I am still alive. You might know that I like a bit of self-hypnosis/relaxation type stuff, partly because it's very pleasant and works on some levels but also it amuses me at how daft and preposterous a lot of this new age mumbo jumbo can be. I joined a newsletter of an online hypnotherapy guy just to have a listen to his free sample, and now it turns out that for the sum of $18.95 I can download 12 of his titles which would normally cost $1559.40 - wow what a saving. I'm trying to decide which ones would be most useful. So far I've selected the following:

overcome hives
stop compulsive lying
overcome fear of roaches
develop charisma
stop bad breath
avoid premature ejaculation
relieve herpes
unwanted hairgrowth (preventing it I presume)
improve poker playing
avoid smelly feet
dump them now

in 2009 I'm going to be such a fragrant, well-groomed, trustworthy and confident poker player who won't even be bothered by the cockroaches that once swarmed around my smelly feet - can't wait!

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